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David Bach — Window on the West
  1. After the Fire
  2. Indigo Twilight
  3. Joy's Way
  4. The Riddle
  5. It's About Time
  6. Window of the West
  7. Chasing Butterflies
  8. Moonlight
  9. Above and Beyond
  10. Heart of Hearts
  11. On and On
  12. Heaven's Gate

Window on the West

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Window on the West is a powerful collection of a dozen instrumental pieces. The project is a spirited, eclectic expression of the composer’s years on the road and in the studio. The tracks, performed primarily by Bach on the piano and other keyboards, also feature electric and acoustic guitars, saxophone, Native American flutes, drums, percussion, and bass. Composition, performance, and production values are extremely high, prompting glowing endorsements from The Washington Post, USA Today, and others. The album was produced by Bach and engineered by Frank Marchand. The musicians contributing are: David Bach (piano-keyboards-percussion-electronics), Stan Whitaker (guitars), Ju Ju House (drums), Bob Read (saxophones), Jim Charlsen (bass), Mark Easley (bass), Stanford Lessans (Native American flutes), Andy Shriver (guitars), Wes Crawford (percussion), and Andy Hamburger (percussion).



  • "This fresh-sounding CD is chock full of scintillating, smooth jazz tracks that slowly percolate from one's speakers like melting honey."- PJ Birosk National Syndicated Reviewer
  • " Whenever we play David Bach's Window on the West " CD in our store, customers immediately start asking about it-and buy it!"- Steve Tighe Borders Books, Columbia, MD
  • "...a brilliant and exciting record!"
  • "Window on the West is a tasteful mix of smooth jazz and introspective instrumentals...Upbeat, relaxing, and invigorating..."- Jenni Gick WTMD-FM Baltimore, MD
  • "...some really fine work that I'm sure many people will want to hear. Kudos for an album that blends artistic integrity with skilled craftsmanship."-Watkins, musician/composer Linden, VA
  • "Window on the West is a musical inspiration that you shouldn't miss adding to your collection!"- Bonnie Raindrop, Voices of Women Journal