Raves for “A Deep Breath”



A Deep Breath features 10 new compositions by Bach and a unique cover of Sting’s Wrapped Around Your Finger. Bach’s unique compositions and production style are up tempo, yet relaxing music.

His cast of featured musicians includes Dennis
Chambers (Santana), Bobby Read (Bruce Hornsby), Ron Holloway (Dizzy Gillespie), JuJu House (Arrested Development, Chaka Khan), Gary Grainger (John Scofield), Al Williams (Stanley Clarke), Scott Paddock (Little Feat), Mark Prince (Bobby Lyle), David Wells (Maysa), Ekendra Das (Fertile Ground), Jimmy Charlsen (Carl Fillipiak), Hoppy Hopkins (Mambo Combo), Mark Russell (Cabo Frio), Leonard Stevens (Mary Ann Redmond), Andy Shriver (Carey Ziegler), Shea Welsh (Britney Spears) and Stan Whitaker (Happy the Man).
Michael Northrop (Steely Dan) did the CD photography.

“This fresh-sounding CD is chock full of scintillating, smooth jazz tracks that slowly percolate from one’s speakers like melting honey.” – PJ Birosik – National Syndicated Reviewer

“…showcase Bach’s strong, highly-musical and emotional playing, seamlessly combining elements of contemporary jazz, piano and groove-oriented tunes with a passion often missing from contemporary instrumental music.”