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David Receives Kurzweil Artist Endorsement

David is truly honored by the acknowledgement from Kurzweil Music Systems and is thrilled with his new Artist endorsement. David’s relationship with Kurzweil spans 22 years, with David’s first synthesizer the K2000, quickly followed by the K2500.

For scope of sound, ease of navigation, and authentic feel, there are no keyboards like the incredible Kurzweil products. The PC3x is a workhorse, and absolutely elegant in its task. I look forward to many more years of making music with Kurzweil, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next! – David Bach

At any David Bach concert, you are sure to find David up front, proudly playing his Kurzweil keyboards.

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  • Sharon Watts on

    I’m happy for you!!!!! It’s been a long time coming!!! Enjoy!!

  • Bob Stahlmann & Linda Amthauer on

    We saw you at the Washington Navy Yard in Summer of 2005 after a hot, rough morning and were transported by your sound. We bought the CD you had that day (and you all signed it thank you so much) and were looking forward to your possibly producing a CD of the material which we heard. We live in New Jersey and really haven’t been able to catch one of your concerts since then (long time, no??) or much else because of the insanity of Life and were wondering if you ever included that material on a CD. Were hoping to purchase that and others over time if you can point us in the right direction… or didn’t we read instructions thoroughly?.. Glad to see you’ve gotten the recognition you so deserve. God bless.

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