David Bach — Otherworld
Release date : Nov. 15, 2013
Label : Integrity Music

Otherworld, Bach’s fifth record as leader, is a testament to his growth as a player, composer, and producer. Just as Bach’s moody interfacing of classical, R&B, and improvisational influences distinguishes him from all the smooth jazz clones, despite its deep jazz roots.....

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Live at Baker Park

David Bach Consort — Live at Baker Park

Live at Baker Park was recorded "Live" onto 24 tracks digitally at the Baker Park Concert Series. The night was beautiful and the audience was lively and I'm sure you will enjoy this CD!

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A Deep Breath

David Bach — A Deep Breath

This album is definitely one of his best collections. Very sophisticated and well produced. Each track has theme with human touch feel. His tune and work are quite distinctive and creative. Personally, "maybe one day" is me and my wife's best pick! Great work Dave!, Keep up the good work again!

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5 Thousand Words

David Bach — 5 Thousand Words

An emotionally charged collection which blurs the lines between world and jazz. It will feel right at home in the cd changer next to anything Windham Hill or GRP for that matter, has ever released.

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Window on the West

David Bach — Window on the West

A relaxing mix of jazz, world influences and dreamy textures, filled with challenging arrangements and musical surprises.

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