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Romantic Verses in Jazz Shades

Epinions  by Susan Frances

published 12/1/2013

The Bottom Line Optimistic and upbeat versing

Otherworld, the new recording from keyboardist David Bach has a springy bounce emblematic of saxophonist Andrew Neu and cohesive melodic forms akin to David Sanborn. The elegant jetés and sashays formed by Bach’s keys along “There and Back” are sonically elevating, and the mild-mannered movements of Leonard Stevens’s guitar and David Marq Wells’s saxophone along “Sweet Spot” soak the listener in an aurally calming bath, massaging away any tightness in the senses.

The instrumentation moves like a ballerina leaping and gliding across the stage demonstrated by the arabesque lobes wielded by Bach’s keys in “Angels.” Bach and crew shift to a jazz palette in “All In” adorned in splashing drum cymbals, bongo-toned percussions, and gently flared horns. The serenely sounding toots of the saxophone and the twinkling synths glimmer an after-hours vibe in “Sapphire” and fodder a somber mood in “Layer of My Heart” as the keys resound with heavy tones weighing down the melody. Even without lyrics, it’s discernibly a meaningful piece.

Bach and crew shift back to their characteristic state of optimism with upbeat pulses wringing Bach’s keys in the poetic verses of Al Williams’s flute as the rhythm section acts as the sealant holding them all together. Every strand of notes, every aligning segment, and every improvised phrasing is groomed to etch a positive incline in the melodies like the glistening soundscapes of “With or Without You.” Neither sparse or ostentatious but perfectly in the middle of the road, Otherworld transports listeners to another world of tranquility and aphrodisiac-like ethers.


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Otherworld takes the #2 Slot on the CMJ Top Jazz Adds Chart

David Bach and “Otherworld”  take this week’s #2 Slot on the CMJ Top Jazz Adds Chart His First Week in Promotions. CMJ’s radio charts are compiled from the top albums played at college and non- commercial radio. Otherworld, Bach’s fifth record as leader and his fourth in the studio, is a testament to his growth as a player, composer, and producer.

To listen and purchase…

Otherworld is charting at these stations:
#2 WWSU  Dayton, OH
#3 WERU  2 East Orland, ME
#3 WRST  Oshkosh, WI
#3 KQAL  Winona, MN
#3 KOTO  Telluride, CO
#5 KAFI  Minneapolis, MN
#6 Radio CUH  Honolulu, HI
#6 WMSE  Milwaukee, WI
#6 CSCR  Toronto, ON
#6 WUEV  Evansville, IN
#7 KAMP  Tucson, AZ
#7 KDUR  Durango, CO
#7 KWCW  Walla Walla, WA
#9 WRCU  Hamilton, NY
#9 KDUR  Durango, CO

Thank you for spinning Otherworld:

Cool Radio Bavaria
KEUL                                         Girdwood AK
KHNS                                         Haines AK
KAMP Radio 1570 AM          Tucson AZ
KXCI Community Radio        Tucson AZ
Jazz from Gallery 41               Berkeley CA
KALX Radio 90.7 fm              Berkeley CA
KCSS 91.9FM                           Turlock CA
KHSU                                        Arcata CA
KLBC                                         Long Beach CA
KSBR FM 88.5                       Mission Viejo CA
KSPC 88.7 FM                        Claremont, CA
KUSP                                        Santa Arcata CA
KUSP Radio                            Santa Cruz, CA
KVMR 89.5 FM                     Nevada City, CA
KNCA                                        Redding, CA
KNSQ                                        Mount Shasta, CA
CBC Music Library                 Canada
CFBX 92.5FM                          Kamloops. BC, Canada
CFMH Music Department    Saint John, Canada
CFRC 101.9 FM                       Kingston, ON, Canada
CHMR-FM 93.5                       St. John’s NL, Canada
CHRW 94.9 London,             Ontario, Canada
CJAM 91.5 MHz                     Grosse Point, Canada
CSCR Fusion Radio               Scarborough, ON, Canada
KAFM                         Grand Junction, CO
KBUT FM                  Crested Butte, CO
KDNK                        Carbondale, CO
KDUR 91.9 FM       Durango, CO
KGNU 88.5 FM      Boulder, CO
KOTO 91.7 FM       Telluride, CO
KRFC Radio 88      Ft. Collins, CO
KRZA Radio            Alamosa, CO
KVCU                        Boulder, CO
KVNF FM                 Paonia, CO
WECS FM 90.1       Willimantic, CT
WFCS 91.7                New Britian, CT
WNHU 88.7 FM     West Haven, CT
WPKN, 89.5 FM     Bridgeport, CT
WRTC FM 89.3       Hartford, CT
WWUH FM 89.9     West Hartford, CT
WXCI                          Danbury, CT
FM Urquiza 91.7 MHz       Buenos Aires, Brazil
WVUD Radio           Newark, DE
WRGP                        Miami, FL
Georgia Public Broadcasting Radio   Atlanta, GA
WATY                        Folkston, GA
WDCO                       Macon, GA
WJSP                         Columbus, GA
WJWV                       Fort Gaines, GA
WMUM                    Atlanta, GA
WNGH                     Dalton, GA
WNGU                     Dahlonega, GA
WPPR                      Demorest, GA
WSVH                     Savannah, GA
WUGA                    Athens, GA
WUNV                    Albany, GA
WUWG                  Carrolton, GA
WWET                   Valdosta, GA
WXVS                    Waycross, GA
WWIO                   St. Marys
WACG                    Augusta, GA
KTUH FM 90.3      Honolulu, HI
Radio CUH              Honolulu, HI
KWLC                       Decorah, IA
KRFP                        Moscow, ID
KUOI 89.3 FM              Moscow, ID
WEFT FM 90.1             Champaign, IL
WMHD 90.7 FM          Terre Haute, IN
WUEV-FM 91.5            Evansville, IN
KJHK Music Office      Lawrence, KS
WRFL FM 88.1             Lexington, KY
WTUL 91.5fm                New Orleans, LA
Jubliation Taint Radio WCUW    Greenfield, MA
WCUW                            Whitinsvile, MA
WMBR 88.1FM            Cambridge, MA
WMHC                            South Hadley, MA
WMUA FM 91               Amherst, MA
WUMD 89.3FM           North Dartmouth, MA
WUML                            Lowell, MA
WEAA 88.9 FM           Baltimore, MD
WFWM                          Frostburg, MD
WERU-FM0                 East Orland, ME
WMHB Watervile, 89.7 FM     Waterville, ME
WMPG                           Portland, ME
WRBC                            Lewiston, ME
WNMC FM                   Traverse City, MI
KFAI                               Minneapolis, MN
KQAL fm                       Winona, MN
KSTO                              Northfield, MN
KDHX FM 88.1            St.Louis, MO
KOPN Radio                  Columbia, MO
KGLT FM 91.9               Bozeman, MT
WNCW 88.7 FM           Spindale, NC
WSOE                              Elon, NC
WZMB                        Greenville, NC
WUNH                        Portsmouth, NH
WSCA                        Durham, NH
WPRB                        Princeton, NJ
WONY                        Oneonta, NY
WRCU                        Hamilton, NY
WRUW-FM              Cleveland, OH
WWSU                        Dayton, OH
WXUT                        Toledo, OH
TCC Student Radio         Tulsa, OK
KEOL-FM 91.7                La  Grande, OR
KPSU                          Portland, OR
KSMF FM 89.1         Ashland, OR
KSBA                          Coos Bay, OR
KSKF                          Klamath  Falls, OR
WVIA 89.9 FM / WVYA 89.7 FMa      Pittston, PA
WYBF c/o The Pit           Springfield, PA
WZBT                         Gettysburgh, PA
WRVU                        Nashville, TN
KRTU                        San  Antonio, TX
KSHU                        Huntsville, TX
KUIW Radio            San  Antonio, TX
KZMU                        Moab, UT
WTJU Studios         Charlottesville, VA
WVRU                        Blacksburg, VA
WUVT                        Radford, VA
WVST-FM                 Richmond, VT
WRUV 90.1 FM       Burlington, VT
KAOS Olympia Community Radio       Olympia, WA
KWCW                        Walla Walla, WA
WMSE-­‐FM  91.7     Milwaukee, WI
WORT                        Radio Madison, WI
WRST  90.3               Oshkosh, WI
WSUM  JAZZ  -­‐  91.7  FM    Madison, WI
WWSP  FM                  Steven Point, WI
WMUL                       Huntington, WV
WWVU-­‐FM             Morgantown, WV

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Listen to David’s interview on Trish Hennessey’s Hybrid Jazz


Self-confessed Army Brat David Bach had a leg-up regarding his family’s many moves.  He was able to study with some fabulous music teachers in different towns.  His classical base was strong but he wanted to learn more than what was expected of a descendant of Johann Sebastian Bach.

So, Progressive Rock was next – and, as was David’s nature – he immersed himself in the intricacies of the keyboard work involved in this genre.  A move to Europe solidified his music orientation.  But something was stirring that required a shift of focus.  Jazz was becoming the primary interest – and two things solidified the new direction that David would take. Returning to the States and studying with renowed Jazz instructor, Ted Alexander. Realizing that his compositional skills were developed and ready for the full-time profession of his dreams, David pressed on.

And – oh my – what a pressing 🙂  Two Gold Records, BET’s Jazz Discovery Showcase Award (David Bach Consort),  Maryland’s State Art Council Performance Award, touring and/or recording with Janet Jackson, Everything But the Girl and Enrique Iglesias.  And playing in front of smaller audiences to crowds exceeding 30,000.

1998 marked the debut of David’s solo musical recorded history – “Window on the West” was followed by three more.  Now, “Otherworld” has debuted and it has wowed some serious critics. To this point: our guest will join us on the show – then must get ready for his exciting journey to promote his music – in Bangkok and Singapore!  New opportunities are happening at every turn for Washington, D.C. based David Bach – and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  And certainly one who is READY for ALL of it.


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